Many years of experience gathered on the artificial turf market was used to develop new innovation models of EPUFLOOR Our artificial turf under new brand is the answer for market demand. Advanced production technologies, best materials and thorough research helped us to make highest quality products in attractive price.

Parameters of EPUFLOOR are equal to the most advanced competitive products. Development of youth through sports was an inspiration by designing and research of new models. We have developed products that give similar comfort of playing like on a natural grass that you can meet on the professional stadiums. Our advantage is that EPUFLOOR is much cheaper in maintenance than natural grass.


We are official central and eastern Europe Dealer of No.1 World football turf producer CCGrass company. CCGrass is a FIFA Prefered Producer with over 38 million m2 yearly production.

Below we present flagship models of football turfs, more information you can find of CCGrass website. Detailed information about products are avalable by our sales representatives.



EPUFLOOR LANDSCAPING GRASS is specially developed to imitate natural grass. It is touch soft to provide you a good comfort. We use a combination of different types of yarns to imitate the look of natural grass.

EPUFLOOR LANDSCAPING GRASS is an ecological product which helps the communities and households to save water used for keeping the natural grass in hot days.

Ample, Soft, Wonder are medium cost and height models, requires a minimal maintanance (brushing of leaves and rubbish). You do not need to cut the grass any more. Medium pile height makes the price attractive but keeps still keeps the natural

Breeze 35, Epic 40, Prestige 55 are top quality products which imitate natural grass. High pile lenght makes themvery dense, soft and natural.

EPUFLOOR LANDSCAPING GRASS requires a minimal maintenance (brushing of leaves and rubbish). You do not need to cut or sprinkle the grass any more.